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30 Cracker Barrel Recipes To Make At Home

Make your restaurant favorites at home with these Cracker Barrel recipes! From breakfast to side dishes to main courses, you’ll love these copycat versions.

Cracker Barrel meals are comforting and delicious. You’ll get southern cooking and home-grown favorites all in one place. 

Buttermilk Pancakes with Melted Butter and Syrup

Of course, I love going to Cracker Barrel to visit the store. Their pecan pie coffee is something I like to stock up on!

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But given the current climate, it’s so lovely to recreate the experience at home. There’s no reason we can’t spoil ourselves a little, right?

These 30 copycat recipes are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and will be sure-fire crowd-pleasers at any table. 

Bring the taste of Cracker Barrel into your own kitchen today!

Cracker Barrel Meatloaf

1. Cracker Barrel Meatloaf Recipe

I think meatloaf is so misunderstood. And that’s a shame because when it’s done right, like at Cracker Barrel, it’s hard to stick to just one piece.

Not only is this meatloaf full of onions, bell pepper, and cheddar cheese, but it also has crushed Ritz crackers in place of breadcrumbs.

And boy, do they make a difference. 

To ensure your meatloaf is tender and juicy, be careful not to overmix the filling and cook it at a slightly lower temperature so it doesn’t dry out.

2. Copycat Cracker Barrel Hash Brown Casserole Recipe

Potatoes in any form are always welcome on my plate. I like them boiled, fried, mashed, scalloped – you name it!

But there’s just something about crispy hash browns that makes me all warm inside.

For this recipe, you’ll add in cream of chicken soup for an extra kick of great flavor. 

This dish is the perfect side to your eggs in the morning, or with some juicy pork chops for dinner. 

Cracker Barrel Fried Chicken

3. Cracker Barrel Fried Chicken Recipe

Oh, how I envy those of you who grew up in the south with a rolling-pin-wielding grandma and plates piled high with delicious comfort foods. 

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The idea of fried chicken in my house was a luxury that had to be brought in. But with this recipe, you’ll want to make it your new Sunday go-to dinner.

The key to getting it juicy and perfect is buttermilk. Leave it in overnight (if you can) and let it work its magic on the chicken. I promise you’ll taste the difference. 

4. Cracker Barrel’s White Gravy

Those of us who didn’t grow up in the south were never exposed to the wonders of white gravy as kids.

I was convinced it was something that took forever to make, and that I would never be able to master it. 

But if you know how to make a white sauce, you can make this gravy.

It starts with making some bacon and then using the same pan, so you’ll keep all that great flavor. 

When adding the flour, keep stirring until it starts to brown, and then slowly add in the milk. Keep it moving so you don’t get any lumps!  

Cracker Barrel Pancake

5. Cracker Barrel Pancake Recipe

Seven ingredients and 15 minutes are all it takes to have a plate full of fluffy pancakes.

Although, if you have the time, it’s always best to allow pancake batter to rest before cooking. 

Using buttermilk will help to ensure the tastiest pancakes ever. And be careful not to over-mix the batter – lumps are ok.

These are best when made on a griddle, so they have even heat and the space to cook. Let them cook until you start to see little bubbles before flipping. 

6. Copycat Cracker Barrel Sausage Gravy And Biscuits

If you thought gravy made from bacon grease was good, wait until you try this version. The chunks of sausage are to die for!

It’s made in the same way as the above recipe, cooking the meat first and then adding it back into the cooked gravy at the end. 

And making biscuits has never been easier with all the great mixes out there.

Although, making your own gives you the chance to experiment a little. I like cheddar and jalapeno!

7. Cracker Barrel Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is a pretty perfect slice. Sweet, crunchy, sticky, and relatively easy to make. That being said, is anything ruined by adding chocolate?

This recipe will give you an amazing pecan pie, but if you have one you love, then stick with it.

All you’ll have to do is add in some semi-sweet chocolate chips!

8. Copycat Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and dumplings might just be the quintessential dish of the south.

Dumplings are very different in the UK and are well worth trying out, too.

The biscuit-like crust is to die for and would pair so well with the creamy chicken in this recipe. 

But if you want the classic dish, it doesn’t get much better than Cracker Barrel. 

Homemade French Toast with Berries

9. Cracker Barrel French Toast

Using sourdough for French toast might sound a little odd, but it’s brilliant.

The crumb is far sturdier and will hold up far better to being soaked and cooked. Not to mention, it adds an excellent tangy flavor.

As far as the custard goes, it couldn’t be easier. You’ll just need eggs, milk, vanilla, and sugar.

After a few minutes of cooking on either side, you can serve this with anything from butter and syrup to chocolate sauce and fresh fruit. 

10. Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad (Cracker Barrel)

Cracker Barrel isn’t just about high-calorie meals. Whether you’re looking for a fresh side or light dinner to save room for dessert, this salad is a winner.

It’s so easy, you won’t believe it. The most work you’ll have to do is washing and chopping the kale and Brussels sprouts. 

As for the dressing, all you’ll do is whisk the ingredients and toss it into the greens. 

11. Cracker Barrel Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are one of those great sides that will go with pretty much anything. 

Russet potatoes are the best option, and it’s as easy as seasoning to taste and mixing in some butter. 

Glazed Baby Carrots with Parsley

12. Cracker Barrel Baby Carrots

It might sound easy, but these carrots will knock your socks off. 

The sweet butter glaze is honestly a revelation that will leave everyone reaching for more. 

If you can’t find baby carrots, feel free to use regular carrots and simply cut them down to size. Or, for something extra special, try using rainbow carrots.

13. Copycat Cracker Barrel Country Green Beans

I once went to Cracker Barrel with a vegetarian friend who ordered these green beans.

When she found out they had bacon in, she wondered why they would use bacon in a vegetable side. 

The waiter said, “Because piggy makes everything better.”

Boy, was he right. I’ve made these countless times, and there’s never a bite left in the dish!

14. Cracker Barrel Campfire S’more

Are you ready for this? It’s a sinful fudge brownie baked onto a graham cracker crust topped with toasted marshmallow AND chocolate. It’s quite a mouthful!

You’ll need to bake the brownie with the base and leave it to cool before adding the marshmallow.

This way, you can broil the fluffy topping and slice and serve right away.

Of course, if you want it served warm, you should add the marshmallow for the last 5 minutes of the bake. 

Mac and Cheese with Bread Crumbs

15. Cracker Barrel Mac and Cheese

I like this recipe so much because it’s so simple. There’s nothing crazy about it, and it makes one helluva mac and cheese. 

Using chicken broth instead of milk is such a great way to get extra flavor. To keep it as close to the original as possible, you’ll only need one kind of cheese. 

That being said, don’t feel like you can’t add more. Colby is a great option, but I love Gruyere and mature cheddar. 

16. Cracker Barrel Cherry Chocolate Cobbler

Chocolate and cherry go hand in hand. And when it comes to a cobbler, no rule says you can’t add a little decadence to the mix. 

This dessert couldn’t be easier. Using pre-made cherry pie filling is such a time-saver, and for the topping, it’s as easy as adding in some melted chocolate.

17. Broccoli Cheddar Chicken (Cracker Barrel Copycat)

I’m a huge fan of broccoli and cheddar, much like everyone else. So adding in chicken to make it a meal is genius. 

If you don’t like cheddar soup, try out cream of chicken instead or even mushroom. 

For the top, I suggest adding Ritz crackers to the top as well for a little toasty crunch.

Homemade Fried Okra

18. Cracker Barrel Fried Okra

Okra is not the most pleasant food to eat in its raw form. The middle is sticky, slimy, and bitter. 

But for this recipe, you’ll slice and coat it in cornmeal before frying it up to make the perfect crunchy bite.

These tasty snacks can be eaten alone or as a crisp side to something meaty. 

19. Cracker Barrel Strawberry Shortcake

If you have the time to make everything from scratch, then go crazy! It will be a tasty dessert, no doubt. 

But if you’re looking for something fast and sweet, you’ll only need a few store-bought ingredients.

For additional sweetness, chop your strawberries and toss them in some sugar. After about 10 minutes, the juices will flow. 

20. Cracker Barrel Cucumbers Tomatoes and Onions

Another great, light side, this is such an easy salad to make at home. 

If you can, try making this ahead of time so that flavors can marry. An hour should be enough. 

Use cherry tomatoes for a touch of sweetness, and I like to add red onions for a peppery crunch. 

Baked Buttermilk Biscuits

21. Cracker Barrel Biscuits

If you’re lucky, you have a family recipe passed down through the generations for the best-ever biscuits.

But for those of us without a secret family recipe, this Cracker Barrel version is pretty darn impressive. 

Buttermilk is a must for these, and you can easily make your own at home if you don’t have any in the fridge. 

22. Cracker Barrel Sunday Homestyle Chicken

I’m not sure why, but Cracker Barrel only serves this chicken on a Sunday. It’s such a shame because I would have it every day of the week!

Start with uniform chicken so that it cooks evenly, and let the chicken sit in buttermilk for an hour if you can. 

Double-dipping in the buttermilk and flour is the key to getting the best coating, and don’t overcrowd the pan.

Cook it in batches to allow the chicken room to cook. 

23. Homemade Chicken Potpie

I don’t make chicken pot pie enough. But when I do, it’s always so tasty that I vow to make it more often. 

Really, given how simple it is, I could make it once a week. Store-bought pie dough and frozen veggies cut down the prep time significantly.

If you have some leftover rotisserie chicken, it can be ready in just 30 minutes.

24. Cracker Barrel Ham and Egg Casserole

This breakfast casserole is terrific. Using a sourdough base and simple cheesy egg filling, it’s satisfying, warm, and would be great alongside that hash browns from above. 

Feel free to use bacon or sausage in place of the ham if you prefer, and don’t be afraid to throw in some onion or other veggies. 

Homemade Fried Apples with Cinnamon

25. Cracker Barrel Fried Apples

Now, this is one of those recipes that I do make regularly.

These apples are so tender and tasty and can be added to oatmeal, rice pudding, pork chops, and even ice cream.

They need just five ingredients and 25 minutes on the stove until they’re soft and sweet with a thick sauce. 

26. Cracker Barrel Corn Bread Dressing

Not to be confused with a salad dressing, this dish is a side much like stuffing. It even incorporates some familiar flavors, like sage and onion. 

The obvious difference here is the addition of cornbread into the mix.

Other than that, it cooks much like any other stuffing recipe and will be an excellent side to some roasted chicken. 

27. Cracker Barrel Baby Limas

If you’re serving lima beans, be sure they’re cooked with bacon, garlic, onion powder, red pepper flakes, and chicken bouillon.

I think we can all agree that lima beans can be a tough sell, but when they’re buttery and flavored like this, you’ll reach for seconds.

28. Cracker Barrel Mushroom Pot Roast

Adding mushrooms will elevate a boring pot roast right away. Though they don’t cook with the meat, they provide such a fantastic earthy flavor. 

Always sear your meat to give it a tasty crust, and be prepared to let it cook for a few hours. Low and slow wins the race.

Grilled Chicken Tenderloins with Vegetables

29. Cracker Barrel Chicken Tenders

I know that most chicken tenders come with a thick and crispy bread coating, but these are so tasty that you won’t miss it. 

So, how does Cracker Barrel do it? The chicken is marinated in a crazy easy combination of honey, lime juice, and Italian dressing. 

These are best cooked on the grill for that great char flavor but can be cooked on the stovetop, too. 

Cracker Barrel Double Fudge Chocolate Coke Cake

30. Cracker Barrel Coca Cola Cake (Copycat Recipe)

This fantastic cake is the result of a small mistake. By accidentally adding double the cocoa, they soon found it was even better than ever.

The Coca Cola perfectly enhances the cocoa and adds a lightness to the batter that you will notice on the first bite.

And for that extra fudgy texture, poke holes in the warm cake and top with the frosting before it cools.

30 Best Cracker Barrel Copycats (+ Recipe Collection)

Make your restaurant favorites at home with these Cracker Barrel recipes! From pancakes to meatloaf to fried okra, these copycat dishes are as good as it gets!


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  • Cracker Barrel Recipes To Make At Home


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Cracker Barrel Recipes

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